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PTR is a manufacturer of Terminal blocks for PCB assemblies and plug-in connector systems, DIN Rail Terminal blocks, and Test probes for testing printed circuit boards and cables.

Free Terminal Blocks from Omni Pro

If I don’t have your attention yet – how about $100.00 of free PTR Terminal Blocks.
That’s right $100.00 of free PTR Terminal Blocks.  All you need to do is send Omni Pro a Purchase Order for $0.00.
Who is Eligible:  OEM’s and CM’s using Terminal Blocks.
Other Conditions: Tell us your estimated annual usage so we can quote you our best pricing!
The Limit:  Two line items per OEM or CM which means you can receive up to $200.00 of free Terminal Blocks.
As you may not currently be ordering PTR we want to make it easy and have a Cross Reference Guide referencing part numbers from the other guys:
◦ Beau                   ◦ EBY
◦ Magnum             ◦ OST – On-Shore Technology
◦ RIACON               ◦ Phoenix Contact
◦ WECO                 ◦ Weidmuller
Please email Tim Lydia for a copy. .
Our goal is to make you a happy PTR Terminal Block user with the knowledge that Omni Pro is the best place to place your Terminal Block Purchase Orders.
Based in Werne, Germany, PTR manufactures a wide range of high quality PCB and DIN rail terminal blocks, plugs, and headers.  You can find all the PTR products at: 
Thank you,
Jim Kasle, General Manager
The fine print:
  • The Purchase Order must be made out to Omni Pro Electronics and contain the OEM or CMs Internal Part Number.
  • The product must be shippable within 60 days and is subject to availability.
  • The limit is two (2) line items per OEM or CM.
  • The offer is good from November 3 through December 31, 2014, Omni Pro reserves the right to end the promo at any time or not accept any order.
  • Omni Pro reserves the right to determine the quantity which equals $100.00, which will be generally determined by the prices published by catalog houses on the web.
  • This offer is only good for new to Omni Pro terminal block line items.